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Customer Contact BPO

    The ability to keep customers happy while reducing costs has never been more important than in today’s economic climate. Accenture Customer Contact BPO Services helps clients improve the customer experience and enhance customer loyalty and satisfaction—all while reducing costs.

    Executives are often disappointed by their vendor performance because they assumed that outsourcing customer contact would allow them to focus less attention on managing customer care operations. They trusted that the outsourcing contract alone would drive performance, and perhaps believed the vendor would not only manage call handling, contact center staff management and related “commodity” services, but also areas such as training, call routing, quality monitoring and innovation. In most outsourced relationships, when these customer contact elements are not handled separately from the direct management of the contact center, innovation and process improvement grind to a halt. Worse, companies may find that not separating these elements makes it hard to switch vendors, even when the contract expires. Building or acquiring this separate layer of operational management may seem like unnecessary costs in an outsourced environment, but in our experience it is the foundation for reaping the real benefits of outsourcing contact centers.